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Sessions That Inspire

I had the great honor and opportunity to attend a few sessions today of the 2018 Teaching & Learning Conference. The first session was the 2018 TLC Keynote from Dr. Jeff Borden. Dr. Borden did an amazing job kicking off the 2018 TLC event. He was energetic, enlightening, and connected really well with the audience. His talk on Inter-Connected Education did an outstanding job helping me think unconventionally on how we can break down the silos in education and help our students to embrace the purpose of education, which is learning. His talk constantly reminded me of the” Ashford University value “ingenuity” inventive and proactive.

The second session I attended was How Do Students, Faculty and Programs Benefit from Online Student Organizations? This was a very intriguing session as it was co-hosted by three students from the university. The three students who are all involved in a student organization provided their own personal insight which I found to be enlightening. The unification of student, faculty, and staff allowed for a full examination of student organizations truly benefit all.

Overall, the sessions that I attended were educational, transformative, and innovative. I tip my hat to all the presenters, as I know personally there is so much hard work and dedication that goes into putting together a presentation and presenting. They did an excellent job and executed above par. I’m looking forward to day two of the 2018 Ashford TLC.

Jason Valencia

Corporate Student Advising Manager

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