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Learning from the Pros

H5P: Interactive Content Creator for Canvas and Beyond.

I had the opportunity to host a presentation today by Dr. Dan Tinianow and Dr. Adam Gutschmidt as they introduced a new learning and creative software program designed to help instructors create interactive content in the Canvas classroom. I was so excited to learn from our faculty a new and exciting software that will help all instructors create content that inspires our students. I loved how both Dan and Adam showed us examples of how they have used this software tool in their course work.

Dan first explored the different functions and abilities of the software itself.

Then Adam took time to show off how he had created a sample Guidance using the H5P creator.

As they closed out they were already talking about creating a H5P club to keep exploring the use of this new creative software. Let us keep learning from the Pro’s like Dan and Adam who are passionate about new technology that Instructors and trainers can use to better inspire their students or faculty.

Paul Schultz

Faculty Support and Development Associate II

Ashford University / Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

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