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November 7-9, 2023

Save the Date for TLC 2023
Thank You!

Thank you for attending the 2022 University of Arizona Global Campus Teaching and Learning Conference: A CULTURE OF CARE: Empathy, Advocacy and Non-Traditional Student Success. The University of Arizona Global Campus Teaching & Learning Conference provides faculty, staff, students, researchers, and practitioners a platform to share their knowledge and experiences of critical issues in online higher education. This year TLC featured close to 20 separate panels and over 100 presenters that represented diverse subject matter and professional expertise aligned with the tenets of empathy, advocacy, and non-traditional student success.

You were one of over 800 attendees at the conference this year and we appreciate your engagement. We invite you to download your certificate of participation here.


Recordings of this year’s presentations are now available here. Check these out if you missed anything or want to relive the fun of this year’s conference.


Special recognition goes to the following presenters who attendees selected for conference awards.

TLC Community Award - recognizes the conference attendee who made the most of the Whova engagement tools, allowing us to network, learn, and enjoy each other's expertise. All attendees can continue to engage via the Whova portal until January 2023.

  • Dr. Yousef Awwad

TLC Most Engaging Session - recognizes the session that showed the most asynchronous activity in related discussion boards, meetups, etc.

  • Applying the DEI Rubric in General Education Courses presented by James Meetze, Alaina Pascarella and Nathan Pritts

  • Honorable mention: Enter the Metaverse! presented by Dan Tinianow, Marc Hnytka, Connie Lower, Michael Hayden, David Mendoza and Avisha Sadeghinejad


TLC Vanguard Award - recognizes the session that most effectively embraced the conference theme through either theoretical inquiry or practical application.

  • Caring is Sharing: Supporting Emerging Writers and Researchers presented by Jennifer Dunn and Karin Mente

  • Honorable mention: Open Education as Empathy: A Case Study in Appreciation & History of Music presented by Rich Freese


TLC Teach Me More - recognizes sessions TLC attendees would like to learn more about via an article-length piece for broader transmission.

  • Are You OK? Supporting Students Who Struggle with Mental Illness presented by Cara Metz and Sarah Jarvie

  • Students Helping Students presented by Maya Johnson, Lissette Lynch, Shaun Samuel Morgan, and Mackenzie Wise.

  • ED Talks at TLC Presents | The Power of One: A Student Perspective presented by Lauren Gonzalez, Deborah Carpenter, Tony Farrell, Jackie Kyger, Ellen Beattie and Jessi Upshaw

  • Enter the Metaverse presented by Dan Tinianow, Marc Hnytka, Connie Lower, Michael Hayden, David Mendoza and Avisha Sadeghinejad

  • Rubric Calibration in the Online Learning Environment presented by Ann Marie Swing, Holly Lopez and Allison Rief

TLC 2023
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