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Working toward Yes: Open Access as Innovation in
Higher Education Culture 

Registration Starts in July 2023

Virtual | November 7-9, 2023

Call For Proposals is Open Now Through June 30!

TLC 2023 poses the question, “Does the culture of higher education need a new paradigm?” Many practices that are innate to higher-education culture - such as strict admissions requirements or paywalls for scholarly journals - are associated with the word “no” in that they deny many people access to learning opportunities. But in a time where access to post-secondary education is necessary for achieving socioeconomic viability, working toward "yes" (i.e., open access) in higher-education culture is imperative. TLC 2023 will explore conceptions of open access as a vehicle for innovations that can more effectively support the inclusion and success of contemporary post-secondary students.

TLC welcomes proposals from all disciplines and fields for individual presentations, panel discussions, and collaborative roundtables that 1) reflect on historical higher-education perspectives and practices to better understand their impacts to the contemporary student experience; 2) flesh out the definition and implications of open access in the contemporary higher-education environment, or 3) uncover or build new theoretical and practical applications of open access. Proposals can address open access through any lens of the post-secondary experience, including: recruiting, admissions, advising, learning resources, curriculum development, research, classroom management, learning technology, student rights and responsibilities, student organizations, career services, community partnerships, access and wellness, faculty development, etc.

TLC 2023 looks forward to its participants’ co-creating new open-access educational approaches that will ensure the inclusion, persistence, and success of a diverse, contemporary post-secondary student body.

Become A TLC Volunteer

Important Dates

Proposal Due Date

June 30, 2023

Deadline to Confirm Acceptance as TLC Presenter

August 19, 2023

Panel Chair Info Sessions

August 23, 2023

Conference Schedule Finalized

September 1, 2023

Who Attends TLC? 

  • Higher-education thought leaders from across the US and abroad

  • Faculty, students, and researchers in all disciplines

  • Curriculum developers, instructional designers, and instructional technologists

  • Student Affairs and Student Advising professionals

  • Library, Writing Center, and academic publishing professionals

  • Faculty Support and Development professionals

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Why Attend?
TLC Attendees Share:

"Come to TLC you will learn from practitioners and researchers alike, which makes the conference really "feel" like a professional learning community. The session lengths are perfect and the keynote and featured sessions are always dynamic."

"Great conference--I had many takeaways as a new instructor/member of the UAGC team!"

"Opportunity to grow, hone skills, reinforce knowledge, research and pay it forward. A great platform for learning!"

Join the UAGC Community Virtually on November 7-9, 2023

Registration Starts in July 2023
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