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Making a Positive Difference in Student Outcomes

Wow, is the only thought I have at the conclusion of Day 3 of the TLC at Ashford! I am honored and happy to be a part of such an incredible conference that is every bit as rewarding, meaningful and inspiring as any professional development event I have attended. Having been a part of Ashford University starting in 2008 I have an amazing sense of pride and history to see how far our faculty, support staff, students and administration have come since our inception! The messages were inspiring, the faculty presentations motivating, and the knowledge shared amazing.

A special shout out to Andrew McCain as the closing session speaker for the 2018 Teaching and Learning Conference. As always, his message motivates and resonates with all that is important in education while his thinking and building of new tools continues to evolve and meet the needs of the classroom of today. As Andrew so eloquently shared, it is all about the relationships built in the classroom and the tools being built and piloted to facilitate these relationships and ease the burden on the professor to provide encouragement, meaningful feedback and helpful suggestions to students certain to make a positive difference in student outcomes. I believe that the underlying message that I am taking away from each of the incredible sessions I attended is that the regardless of the format, level, or course, the bottom line is the connection that we make with each student as an individual and the importance of reaching out to them as people, with a unique story, a unique situation, and our opportunity to impact their scholastic journey in the best way we can.

A very special thank you to all of those that worked year round as well as every presenter that made this event possible, your efforts are worth more than you will know and the impact of these sessions will continue in all that we bring to our students every day in our work! I cannot wait to watch those sessions that I missed and to plan for 2019!

Thank you all.

Rebecca Wardlow

Program Chair, PhD Education, College of Doctoral Studies

Ashford University

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