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Two More “Chunks” From Day # 2 – 2018 Ashford TLC

In active learning, what is “chunking?” This is simply grouping individual “bits” of information into larger, more meaningful “chunks.” The rationale is simple, by doing this, you allow for efficient encoding and storage of information, and you lessen the burden on working memory. Here are two “chunks” of gold I took away from yesterday’s sessions. There are a lot of gold “chunks” in the 2018 Ashford University TLC sessions!

Storytelling is a Great Tool to Influence Learning and Positive Engagement

Dr. Karen Ivy delivered an exceptional presentation. She shared a TED talk by novelist Chimanda Adichie titled “The Danger of a Single Story.” This video and Dr. Ivy’s words, reminded me that we need to see the “big picture,” and look holistically at our students to understand their experiences and learning. Journey. I will allow us serve and connect with them better so we can contribute and guide them toward their future success and learning. Dr. Ivy’s presentation reminds us that storytelling is a great tool to use in education and adult learning. It’s a tool that can help educators and learners see and understand so much more. Stories help us engage each other and help us make strong connections with our listeners and students. They in turn also help our students and listeners connect even stronger with us.

What I enjoyed were the stories Karen shared from her past that conveyed her learning journey (experiential learning). Those stories she shared allowed me to get to know her even more and show us the value and meaning she has gained throughout her learning journey. Storytelling is not the only way to engage, but is an important part of teaching and learning. Thank you, Dr. Karen Ivy, for a great presentation on the value of storytelling. You held my attention from start to finish, and most importantly, furthered my learning.

The Big Picture – Learning Management Systems, Active Learning and Change

Dr. Lester Reid’s research presentation titled: “Learning Management Systems: The Game Changer of Tradional Teaching and Learning at Adult Higher Education Institutions,” was spot on! Dr. Reid provided us with a macro and micro view of traditional and distance education. It was very thorough and complete, and insightful. It reinforced my prior learning and knowledge of our industry, and validated to me that active learning methods do work when designed in a classroom.

The purpose of his study was to explore how learning management systems (LMS) influence traditional teaching and learning in adult and higher education institutions. His qualitative methodology case study involved semi-structured interviews, and self-administered questioners to collect data for his student. Dr. Reid explored perceptions of faculty, students, and leadership at higher education institutions. Many insightful contrasts were presented on LMS systems and on traditional lectures versus active learning. What I liked especially, was the value of active learning in LMS systems, how discussions, lecture, and active learning methods all come together to further learning, student success, and a better learning experience.

Thank you, Dr Reid, for an informative, insightful, and well prepared research presentation. You explained how dynamic our industry truly is, and how LMS systems are changing the game in traditional and non-traditional education. Appreciate the research, your insights and the perceptions of stakeholders you shared in higher education to these dynamics and change. My view, rapid change is the norm, and these trends will continue in higher education and competitive forces will challenge all institutions to change effectively. Learning institutions and stakeholders should not be change averse, rather, organizations should work to become agile organizations. and committee to being flexible, and adaptable to change.

Thank you for helping us see more of the macro and micro view in higher education. We appreciate you, and your research. Also, thank you Ashford University TLC for these learning opportunities.

Bill Davis

Assistant Professor and Program Chair, Forbes School of Business & Technology

Ashford University

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