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Deans on a Mission!

In life, we have learned that one thing is certain: change. While we have heard of how things will happen, when they will happen, and generally what it means for our University, there could still be some angst among staff and faculty because change no matter how great the opportunities that come along with change, it is also accompanied by challenges. But it is not about the challenges that we will face us or the amazing opportunities that change will bring; it is about how our leaders accept that change and present it to us.

The Dean’s Panel at the TLC learning conference was a session that did not merely respond to questions presented by faculty and staff, but rather, they provided a sense of realism, optimism, and assurance that they would work together and with us to make sure that change—whether challenging or rewarding---was going to be a wonderful adventure for us all.

To hear the ideas that they have about the future, the current and future collaborations among them, and the encouragement that the Deans provided in every response was welcome. There are many times where those in upper levels of administration can be perceived as elusive and not forthcoming. That was not the case with this panel! Each Dean presented sound ideas and innovative ventures that included EVERYONE. That, is the key to effective change: inclusiveness.

Prior to my joining Ashford University in 2013, I had the opportunity to work at several on-ground institutions and as an adjunct faculty member at an online institution. Never have I seen so much collaboration among Deans and with faculty and staff as I have seen at Ashford. Our Deans are committed to working together to see us through the challenging times that are inevitable. They are dedicated to helping us seize the opportunities that lie ahead. And they are there to keep cheering us on as we make our mark on the lives of thousands of students around the world.

Teresa Taylor Moore, Ph.D

Chair, Journalism and Mass Communication, College of Liberal Arts

Ashford University

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