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Question Our Own Single Stories

The Danger of a Single Story: Storytelling in education

Presenter: Dr. Karen Ivy

This was another powerful presentation. The word powerful can sometimes be overused, but not in this case. Dr. Karen Ivy brought passion, humor and expertise to a message that resonates with us all as educators, and citizens of our communities. She shared her personal experience of the impact of stories, and how they can truly transform us and those around us. That segued beautifully into the TED talk by novelist Chimanda Adichie on “The Danger of a Single Story”. In it she describes being on both sides of the “single story”, and some of the outcomes of that.

What resonated most is how many of us have likely been both the perpetrator and the victim of the single story in our classrooms and in our personal lives as well.

In the current social, economic and political times we are challenged with, this message is even more applicable. It serves as a great reminder for ourselves, and has many direct and immediate applications we can and should in my opinion, consider incorporating into our classrooms regardless of discipline.

Another great TLC session worth the time to review again when the recording link comes out after the conference!

Stacy Manning

Core Faculty- Division of General Education

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