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Diverse, Cross-Functional Presentations

It’s been such a pleasure to attend the TLC sessions. As a contributor to the Discovery Session, I appreciate the diversity of participants and presenters. Hearing from these cross-functional groups highlights the focused efforts of the university leadership.

Authentic, Innovative Assessments & Learning Outcome Alignment (Innovation)

  • Introducing the Applied Doctoral Project (ADP)

  • Presenters: Timothy Rice, Scott Burrus, Peggy Sundstrom, Rebecca Wardlow

In this session, the faculty from the College of Doctoral Studies shared the innovative summative assessment known as the ADP that they launched in 2017 for students in the Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) program. It’s so exciting to see the faculty adapt the traditional dissertation to meet the practitioner-focused PsyD learning outcomes. And, as an instructional designer, I’m excited to hear the team and session participants share the work being done on using learning outcome alignment to scaffold lessons and reinforce learning.

CETL Supporting Best Practices in Teaching (Excellence)

  • Workshop: The Feedback Trap

  • Presenters: Jason Brockman, Aaron Clark, Sally Deckard, Paul Schultz, Herminder Wray, Deb Swanson, Mallory DeMay, Marjorie Estivill

In this session, a diverse group of presenters provided a provocative discussion on providing student feedback and all of its challenges. The use of small group breakout rooms allowed increased participant participation. Given that feedback was the focus of my dissertation, it was wonderful to hear participants share their challenges and best practices in proving informative feedback to improve student performance.

Cross-institutional Collaboration (Collaboration)

  • How Do Students, Faculty and Programs Benefit from Online Student Organizations?

  • Presenters: Lisa Johnson, Bill Davis, Ben Gothia, Ronald Beach, Lane Hagerdorn, Jamie King, Lynn Haines, Destiny Baxter

In this session, presenters from across the organizations shared their experience working in online student organizations. I loved hearing the incredible benefits that all experienced as participants in these groups. I see great opportunities to continue to leverage these groups, along with other student services, to provide participants professional development, open insight into varying perspectives, and camaraderie.

Jodie Hemerda, Ph.D.

Director of Instructional Design & Academic Quality

Bridgepoint Education

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