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Starting the Day with Student Learning

Opening Keynote-Inter-connected Education: This session was presented by Jeff Borden. Jeff started off the 2018 TLC conference today! What an exciting session on student learning. Mr. Borden reviewed issues that impact student learning, and the role of the instructor. Connection! Connection! Connection. The importance of connecting with students at all levels of their university experience, from advising to instructing. He stressed the importance of doing what we know is best for the student. One important component of the session was Mr. Borden’s review of connection killers, such as the anxiety a student can experience and the importance of helping to reduce student anxiety. More importantly, to recognize that when a student experiences anxiety this can block their ability to learn.

Mr. Borden offered several important points:

Here a few!

  1. Find ways to connect with each student,

  2. Implement technology correctly,

  3. Learning is transactional

  4. 75% of student drop rates are because of issues outside of school.

How can we help better connect with our students?

Remember to catch Mr. Borden’s recorded presentation in CETL!

Dr. Yvonne M Lozano

Professor and Program Chair BAABS and BAGRO, College of Health, Human Services and Sciences

Ashford University

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