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Achieving Balance in School

Dr. Oscar Lewis Helping Students Achieve School-Work-Family Life Balance

I attended several sessions today and enjoyed each one! I also had the honor of presenting today and I am looking forward to attending sessions tomorrow!

I appreciated Dr.Lewis’s approach to helping students achieve school-work-family life balance. I have heard several presentations on this topic and Dr Lewis provides a practical approach to helping students address their challenges.

Listen! to student needs, and what they are asking. Help support their personal journey and provide them with a chance to “try again”. For some students, their lives are filled with normal life events, family life events, work and school. Help the student “see” you are there for them and support their efforts and understand life’s bumps. Empowering the student to identify their own options is critical and a key component to academic success. One important note is to help the student not only identify their options, but to feel comfortable communicating their needs.

What does the student need from “me” right now and am I prepared to deliver on that need?

This presentation reminded me of Ashford University’s dedication to its students and the consistent voice of support in helping each student balance work, family life and school.

Dr. Yvonne M Lozano

Program Chair and Professor BAABS and BAGRO

College of Health and Human Services and Science

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