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Diversity is our responsibility

The opening day of the TLC Conference was very encouraging. The opening session had a deep focus on being equity minded. The presentation by Dr. Yolanda Harper, Morgan Johnson, Jacquie Furtado and Poppy Fitch pointed out that as educators and support teams we all have a responsibility to recognize and eliminate outcomes that cause inequities in student outcomes.

This effort is a University wide initiative that requires each of us to give attention to each group as an aggregate and also each student as an individual. One of the themes that emerged in the presentation was the need to create and use research that informs the faculty of equity concerns and that stimulates the development and use of best practices that eliminates any inequities.

Such attention to current practices should have a positive impact on all members of the Ashford community as each of us seeks to serve a diverse population of students coming from different backgrounds from all over the country.

Another significant theme that emerged from the session was the need to make available opportunities that further develop diversity awareness for the members of the Ashford community. Currently educational opportunities like Black Minds Matter, Serve Like A GIRL and the National Diversity Council are being promoted. Overall, the opening session set a great tone for the TLC week.

Dr. Williams Woods

Professor, Forbes School of Business

Ashford University

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