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2022 UAGC Research Symposium E-Poster Presentations 

Lauren DeLong: Positive Effects of Mindfulness Training for High School Girls Basketball Players      


High school sports recruiting is a big business, and the unnecessary pressure on athletes begins at an early age to earn scholarships. This proposed research provides mindfulness training coupled with neurofeedback for high school girls’ basketball players to measure stress reduction, increased performance on the court, and increased GPA.

Doctoral student.  Faculty Coach: Bill Davis

Ivan Gutierrez: The Lived Experiences of Leaders Who Lead a Team in Virtual Working Environments


Telework grew exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic when most in-person work was shuttered. But, telework is difficult to plan, implement, and manage, and many organizations scrambled to implement telework during the pandemic.  The proposed study will explore the lived experiences of virtual team leaders to understand challenges and best practices.

Doctoral student. Faculty Coach: Peggy Sundstrom 

Melissa Galaise: Conversational Marketing: A Growing Trend and Why It Is Successful  


This presentation will examine the 4 Ps of marketing and integrated marketing communications (IMC). There is a growing trend called “conversational marketing.” How conversational marketing is connected to the 4 p’s of marketing and IMC will be presented. Conversational marketing has increased in popularity because of COVID-19.

Undergraduate student.  Faculty Coach: Bill Davis

William Hamilton: Virtuous Leadership in Exemplary SMEs: Temperament, Character, and the Organization  

Leaders need to have the temperament, character, and virtue to be leaders in exemplary SMEs for the better of the organization. The audience will appreciate virtuous leadership of men and women leaders and making a difference. Leaders may be born with a certain temperament, but character is formed.

Doctoral student.  Faculty Coach: Sheila Schmitz

Lauren Martin: The Green Light     

Socially responsible businesses combat climate change ethically. They avoid deceiving their consumers promising products' lasting environmental effects. They are not "greenwashing" consumers by falsifying the true impact of their operations on the world. This presentation reveals the challenges that companies face in transition to environmentally friendly practices and new opportunities. 

Undergraduate student.  Faculty Coach: Irina Weisblat

Taylor Larsen: A Review of Eating Disorder Prevention and Preventative Protocols for Elite Female Athletes   

This presentation will feature a systematic literature review focusing on eating disorder prevention protocols among the elite female individual sports will be presented. Results from the synthesized and analyzed literature will be discussed to gain a better understanding of current prevention interventions available for sports psychologists and elite athletes.

Doctoral student.  Faculty Coach: Heather Pederson

Daniel Radcliffe: Bernard Fontana on Leadership  

Bernard Fontana is CEO of Framatome, a nuclear power company. He is an exceptional leader known for transforming organizations during times of crisis. The outcomes of this exclusive interview with him support John Kotter’s eight factors of effective transformational leadership and reinforce practical recommendations for new leaders in development.

Undergraduate student.  Faculty Coach: Irina Weisblat

Lynleigh Stiles: Our Children Are Stressed and Feel Ignored - What Can We Do?

Out of 1,200 middle-school students, 97%, all of whom have family and friends, feel ignored – that is 1,164 children.  Moreover, 75% of junior high students feel stressed and overwhelmed.  The top three stressors are: school, peers/friends, and family.  What can we do?  Teach them the tools to persevere.   

Doctoral student.  Faculty Coach: Lisa Smith

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