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2019 Ashford Teaching & Learning Conference
Vision 2020: Students at the Center

Deadline is June 10, 2019 at 11:59 PT

Accept/decline notifications will be sent July 8, 2019

Call for Proposals

The 2019 Conference Steering Committee is searching for proposals that will align with the  Student Track listed below. Special attention will be paid to submissions that emphasize Diversity & Inclusion, Equity or Military Perspective.

Student Track

The focus of this track is to strengthen student involvement in the conference. We are looking for students who are the lead presenters, presenting with other students, and presenting with faculty or university staff. This track is broad in scope to include presentations on work/school/life balance, job hunting tips, capstone projects, thesis work, completed research and research in progress (in any field/discipline), literature review, student clubs, graduate program information, military transition, teacher preparation tips and takeaways, creating a business plan, or being an adult learner. Students are encouraged to think outside the box for presentation ideas. We have faculty mentors that can help with developing your ideas.

Keywords - student, student support, student services, access, wellness, career services, writing support, research support, military, enlisted, veteran, prior learning, leadership development, peer mentoring, military spouse, reserves, student clubs, tutoring, internships,  student success, equity, inclusion, diversity, service learning, community, work/life balance, research, thesis, capstone, second career, fulfilling a dream, discipline, life-long learning, graduation, finding your why, thesis, dissertation, military transition, lead teacher, teaching tips, small business plan, child development strategies, alternative health, anthropology, personal branding, gerontology, instructional design, data security, nursing, public administration, sociology, finance.

Call for Proposals Open

Please review the information on this page to help you in submitting your proposal.

Important Dates

  • June 10: Proposal deadline

  • July 8: Presenters invited to present

  • July 15: Deadline for presenters to accept invitation to present

  • September 3: Schedule is published

  • November 4: ePosters launch

  • November 5-7: Live conference

Delivery Options

Your proposal will be evaluated by our steering committee and may be accepted for any of the following presentation formats depending on content and engagement strategy.

ePoster (Maximum 10 minutes)

The ePoster format is intended to provide presenters with the option to share and examine a problem, issue, and/or solution through informal, brief presentations focused on effective practices, research findings, or technical solutions. Presenters will prepare a prerecorded presentation on their topics not to exceed 10 minutes in length. Maximum of two presenters, please.

Live Presentation (25 minutes)

Live presentations are opportunities to share topics of interest, lessons learned, foresight, or evidence of impact related to the conference tracks. Live sessions are an opportunity to present in detail on a project, idea, or experience. These can be done individually or with multiple presenters. These sessions should be innovative, thought provoking, and engaging. Maximum of three presenters plus a moderator.

Interactive Workshop (25 minutes)

Offered in a 25-minute format, interactive workshops provide participants a deeper examination of various topics, facilitated by leaders with extensive experience in those areas. Workshops are highly interactive and give participants the chance to discuss in-depth approaches to challenges they are facing on campus, share solutions, and learn strategies. Maximum of three presenters plus a moderator.

Panel Discussion (25 minutes)

Panel Discussions allow participants to hear a variety of perspectives from a group of experts or leaders on a topic of interest related to the conference tracks. The format for these sessions can include, but is not limited to, moderated interviews, question-and-answer sessions, or open-discussions.

Contact Us

Do you have questions about an idea for a proposal? Not sure how to fill out the proposal submission form? Send us an email!

Downloadable Proposal Form

For your convenience in planning your proposal, please click on the link to download a PDF of the proposal submission form. Note that you will need to complete the web version of this form for your actual proposal submission.

Evaluation Rubric

To aid presenters in crafting their proposals, we have included access to the evaluation rubric.

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