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About Faculty Affairs

Faculty Affairs is charged with advancing the UAGC faculty body’s capacity to contribute to the planning and execution of the UAGC critical student goals via instructional excellence. A key to this advancement is a unified faculty body – One UAGC Faculty – wherein full-time and associate faculty are equally knowledgeable about and engaged in institutional work. Faculty Affairs supports One UAGC Faculty by offering learning and community-building opportunities focused on developing instructional best practices and connecting them to UAGC goals.


Department Structure


Faculty Affairs consists of two teams of teachers, coaches, instructional designers, and/or education administrators with between five and 30 years of experience in their fields.

Faculty Engagement

Faculty engagement builds the One UAGC Faculty vision by connecting the faculty with the institution and with each other through support resources and engagement opportunities that leverage the continuous learning materials the Faculty Affairs team provides.

Faculty Development

Faculty development researches and creates materials for institutional-level faculty development and onboards all new faculty by facilitating the New Faculty Experience (NFE).

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Our Work

New Faculty Experience (NFE)

NFE is a two-week onboarding program that sets up new faculty for success at UAGC. NFE pairs self-paced learning with hands-on practice in a simulated classroom that includes real-time feedback and guidance of a Faculty Coach. These experiences instill in faculty the fundamentals of the UAGC Culture of Care; prepare them to facilitate their first course successfully; and build their sense of self-efficacy in accessing the institutional support and development resources they need. Current new faculty can view additional details on the NFE intranet page (log in using your UAGC MS365 account first). Prospective faculty can apply here.

Faculty Support and Consultation

In each course they teach, faculty have ready access to just-in-time support and instructional consultation. FacultyHelp is both a repository of on-demand resources and an email which faculty can use for assistance with classroom issues. Meanwhile, Faculty Support Consultants 1) send timely reminders when faculty miss fundamental teaching expectations; 2) facilitate semi-annual formative course feedback discussions; and 3) host monthly office hours where faculty can discuss instructional issues.

Faculty Professional Development

Faculty at UAGC are continuous learners, and the university supports that ethic with a contractual professional development obligation for each course faculty teach. Faculty Affairs develops and maintains the UAGC library of development materials and engagement events, such as: an annual faculty development curriculum that includes courses, communities of practice, and workshops; The UAGC Chronicle; and the annual Teaching & Learning Conference. These materials and events aim to connect faculty learning to institutional goals.

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Resources for Current Faculty

(Please log in to your UAGC MS365 account to access the following resources.)

Faculty Affairs Intranet  

The Faculty Affairs intranet is a centralized virtual repository designed to connect faculty to key, frequently used, cross-departmental UAGC resources. These resources include information from human resources, academic departments, and Student Affairs, as well as professional development opportunities. The site also hosts a university-wide event calendar and an archive of all institutional communications. Current employees can log into the
Faculty Affairs intranet here.            


FacultyHelp is a repository of frequently asked questions that is available to UAGC faculty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find answers to your questions on

Annual Faculty Curriculum

Faculty Affairs ensures faculty continuous learning opportunities are connected to institutional goals in annual faculty development curricula.

  • AY 23/24 Curriculum: Leveraging a Philosophy of Teaching - This curriculum centers learning, engagement, and community building opportunities on a key, central theme – creating a philosophy of teaching. Teaching philosophies help faculty connect the theories that inform course development to course facilitation and, therefore, can drive improvements in feedback practices.

  • AY 22/23 Curriculum: Culture of Care - The Culture of Care prizes academic challenge, holistic learning and personal development, and unconditional support for UAGC students—anchored in an ethic of care and accountability. This curriculum addresses resources, tools, and practices that allow faculty to enhance how they enact the Culture of Care in the classroom.

Course Feedback

Feedback from the Faculty Affairs team is designed to open a conversation with each faculty member about your instructional goals and experiences. Course feedback is a valuable opportunity to turn our experiences into learning and growth. Faculty Affairs is eager to discuss your teaching experiences via the Course Feedback process to facilitate these learning opportunities. Current employees can
learn more here.                                                                                        

Office Hours    

UAGC Faculty continue to express their desire to connect with fellow colleagues; these monthly office hours provide that connection. In these sessions, Faculty Affairs supports faculty by continuing conversations from that month’s Community of Practice session, discussing instructional best practices, and addressing faculty questions, all while connecting faculty with colleagues who teach the same courses or serve in the same department. These sessions frequently feature representatives from UAGC departments which enhances faculty’s understanding of the university structure and systems. Current employees can
learn more here.

Community of Practice


The Faculty Community of Practice engages in community research and discussion to develop practices that support the UAGC mission, champion the faculty voice and share it across the institution, and supports the proliferation of instructional best practices. These sessions support UAGC faculty’s diverse perspectives and validate how these perspectives and lived experiences contribute to the ongoing development of critical thought, problem-solving, and ethical, attentive instruction. Current employees can learn more here.

Faculty Communication Digest      

The Faculty Communication Digest is a weekly faculty-facing newsletter that includes information on professional development opportunities for faculty, the latest updates, and information faculty can share with students in weekly announcements. Current employees can visit the
Faculty Communication Digest archive to view all the latest news and events.                                               

Course Development Workshop

Faculty Affairs hosts a continual Course Development Workshop series. The workshops aim to help all UAGC faculty understand the purpose and process of course development as it relates to the four critical student goals through cross-team collaboration with subject matter experts, faculty perspectives on facilitation, and robust discussion within the UAGC faculty community.

Faculty Recognition

Faculty Affairs aims to ensure UAGC faculty feel connected to and valued by each other and the institution. Have you been recognized for achievement in your field, published, or presented your work? Current faculty, please share with us!

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Open Resources and Events

Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC)     

Faculty Affairs sponsors this three-day annual community of learning virtual event each November. It facilitates collaborative discussion of issues pertaining to online learning: diversity, equity, inclusion, instructional practices, learning technology, and institutional policies that support the contemporary learner. TLC connects, educates, and inspires faculty, staff, researchers, and students by offering a platform for them to share their work. This is a free, open conference, and we encourage you to learn more and register.

The UAGC Chronicle 

The UAGC Chronicle supports the entire academic community’s contribution to the UAGC mission of providing a community of caring and guidance for adult online learners. Therefore, our publication promotes content that addresses the theoretical underpinnings and practical execution of this mission: academic research on instructional best practices, curricular innovation, and student support strategies; examples and resources that foster a community of practice; news of the progress of institutional student success initiatives; professional development opportunities; and – most importantly – the stories and successes of the people who shape our university. Read the latest publication.

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Faculty Affairs Goals

Faculty Affairs works to provide engagement and development opportunities that allow faculty to feel that they belong at UAGC, have a place to reflect and improve their teaching practice and contribute to student success. Faculty Affairs measures the effectiveness of its offerings with the goal of enhancing the faculty’s impact on our students. View our annual reports.

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