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Supporting Faculty Is What We Do.

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning


​The Global Campus Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) works to ensure that faculty are prepared, supported, and inspired to transform student lives through the power of education.


The CETL envisions a partnership with Global Campus’ academic, faculty, administrative, and student support that builds a community of best practice and a culture of faculty engagement with continuous learning that positively impacts student success.

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Teaching and Learning Conference:

The CETL sponsors this annual community of learning event, which facilitates collaborative discussion of issues pertaining to online learning: diversity, equity, inclusion, instructional practices, learning technology, and institutional policies that support the contemporary learner. The Teaching and Learning Conference connects, educates, and inspires faculty, staff, researchers, and students by offering a platform for them to share their work.

A website dedicated to preparing, supporting, and inspiring UAGC faculty


A three-day online conference featuring presentations by faculty, staff and students.

CETL calendar

Stay up to date with upcoming presentations and professional development opportunities.


A Faculty Focused Publication presented by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

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